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Katie says about her dog, Lilly:

"December 17, 2016 our lives changed forever. As a young couple engaged to be married, we talked about the possibility of adopting a puppy to raise before we decided to have children of our own. We thought the idea of raising a puppy would somewhat prepare us for the responsibilities of future children. After weeks of contemplating we finally decided to make a trip to the local PetCo. We knew we wanted a young pup to be able to train and teach on our own. Although they didn’t have any puppies at PetCo to adopt, a lady pointed us to Rita B Huff and said that a litter of puppies had just come in the night before. Once we arrived we were informed that only 4 puppies were left for adoption. If you’ve ever heard the saying “Love at first sight” then this is the moment it happened. We walked around to the puppy kennel and as soon as I laid my eyes on her I knew it was meant to be. I told my husband “That’s the one.” He said “Are you sure?” I replied, “Oh my goodness YES!” And at this point we hadn’t even touched her yet! The shelter ladies had named her and her siblings after different flowers, and our special one got the name Lilly. We loved it so much we didn’t even change it. After filling out all the paperwork and finding out it was half price adoption day, we set out to make our home “pet friendly.” Due to her small size and shelter requirements, we had to wait to bring her home until she could be spayed. To our surprise we got the call on Christmas Eve that she was ready to come home! It was the perfect Christmas gift! Since we live away from family, we had already decided to go home for the holidays. We loaded up the car with our new fur baby and started the 3 hr drive home. The first couple of nights were rough. Lilly would whine and need to go out multiple times during the night, plus the fact that we weren’t in our own “home” made it more difficult. After about 3 restless nights, my husband made the “Are you sure this was a good idea?” comment. We pushed through the first week. Once we got a set routine together it was smooth sailing after that. 
Fast forward a year later....
Our lives are truly changed for the better. Lilly is part of the family. We still do not have any human babies, but Lilly definitely gets all the “grandbaby” perks. Our parents spoil her more  than we do. When she turned 1 she had a birthday party and photo shoot. Every month she gets a new BarkBox (and don’t think you’re gonna hide it when it arrives....she knows.) Oh and Santa definitely does not skip our house. 
We hear all the time, “But it’s just a dog.” No, let me correct you, she is our child. We would go to the ends of the Earth for her. We even upgraded our car to an SUV so she would have more room to ride. The next upgrade is our queen size bed. Lilly is a growing girl, so the bed will have to grow as well. 
The love that we have for her can never be measured. She has brought so many joyous memories to our family that I cannot imagine what a lonely life we would live without her in it. 

Thank you Rita B Huff for allowing us to find the most perfect puppy who brings such joy to our family."


Success Stories

Ann says about her cat, Beezy:
"When I started school at Sam I actually moved out of the state. I knew that I didn't want to live on campus after my first year and really missed my Cat back home. He's a senior and too old to uproot from his comfy life back home so I decided to adopt when I moved into my apartment. Going into Rita B Huff I originally wanted a kitten, but almost immediately after walking in the cat room this big fluffy grey kitty caught my attention. I took him out of his cage and when I picked him up to hold him put his head right under my chin and started purring.I filled out the paperwork that same day and couldn't wait to take him home the next. I wound up renaming him though. His name was Mr. Fluff when I adopted him but my friends and I thought Beelzebub would be a good name (he reminded us of the cat from Cinderella which is named Lucifer because of his fluff but I realized that probably wasn't a good idea) and from that came the name Beezy. A few months after bringing my best buddy home I rescued a kitten. He was very tiny and needed to be bottle fed and given constant attention and Beezy adopted him as his own. Now they're inseparable.
Beezybub is my best friend and I love him more than words can describe. Everyone who sees him can't stop talking about how friendly, affectionate, and fluffy he is. He's also quite a chatterbox which is absolutely adorable. Adopting him is by far the best decision I've ever made."


Danielle says about her dog, Caddy:
"My dog Caddy (or Catalina, which was her name when I adopted her) was adopted from Rita B. Huff as a birthday present for me when I turned 19 years old. I had been missing our 4 dogs back home and was feeling lonely here in Huntsville by myself. When I first saw Caddy she was about 25 pounds, you could see all her rib bones, and she wouldn't look you at anyone. She was extremely shy and nervous around everyone and when anyone came close to her she would start to shake and throw up from anxiety. The first night that I had her, I bought her a kennel; which she seemed to like because it was her own space. However, I was so excited to have my own dog that I slept on the living room floor, right beside her kennel. Ever since that night she's been bonded to my hip and we are completely obsessed with each other!! It took her a couple months to get used to other people and for the first year she wouldn't play with other dogs because she was so anxious and scared. However, now she loves to go to the dog park and if I ask her if she wants to go on a walk, she jumps from couch to couch until I grab her leash! She is amazing with children and now sleeps on HER side of my king size bed with her own pillow and blankets! (Talk about being SUPER spoiled!!) She has such an amazing personality and is the best thing that has happened in my life. 
She is now a healthy and happy 40 lbs dog with a sassy attitude! 
Please please please adopt a rescue dog! They are just as amazing as any dog you can get from a private breeder. Caddy and I are best friends and from now on I will only adopt animals from rescues because of the amazingly positive experience that I had at Rita B. Huff!"

Tiffany says about her cat, Wolverine:
"When I lived in Huntsville I volunteered at the shelter, and one day when I went into the cat room the most adorable ball of fluff met me at the door meowing. I scooped him up and said, "Oh my, this is MY kitten." It took a few weeks before I could convince my mom to let me adopt him, but eventually he really was mine! My boyfriend, now husband, named him Wolverine because of his face tufts that made him look like the X-man. Wolverine is an extraordinarily good cat. He has special bonding times with me and my husband: he sits in his lap while he plays video games and sleeps on me every night. And he likes both of us to spend some time "scratching" his tree with him. We call him our "besta buddy."